Audio & Visual Aids

Provide a series of high quality audio and visual aids so as to arouse students’ enjoyment of music.

Singing Demonstrations & Accompaniments of the Songs

Quality demonstrations assist students in grasping singing techniques and understanding musical styles. By singing along with the accompaniments in the original styles, students can arouse their interests in singing.

The Great Composers

The DVD set is entertaining as well as illuminating. It gives students a vivid description of the lives of 12 great composers who have left us so rich a heritage – A. Vivaldi, J.S. Bach, J. Haydn, W.A. Mozart, L.v. Beethoven, J. Brahms (DVD 1a & DVD 1b), and F. Schubert, F. Mendelssohn, F. Chopin, P.I. Tchaikovsky, A. Dvorak, E. Grieg (DVD 2a & DVD 2b) – and their celebrated works. The series also presents the social and historical context in which a work was born. It is hoped that the series will help students obtain a comprehensive understanding of the composers and their music, which will undoubtedly arouse their interest in music and nurture them as lifelong music lovers.

Journey Into Sound

This collection of 5 discs is performed by the great masters, which provides high quality music teaching aids.


This series is made in cooperation with China Record Corporation, Bailey Record Co., Ltd., and Shanghai Music Publishing House for promoting Chinese music and matching the repertoire of the textbooks.

中國經典民歌 MTV

The authentic record produced by CCTV and Oriental Horizon is a blend of Chinese superstars and magnificent efforts. It brings us to a taste of various customs and cultures.

The Instruments of the Orchestra

This VCD introduces the structures of Chinese and Western instruments, the sounds of the instruments and the ways of playing.

Teaching & Demonstration of the Recorder

It is a beginners' course demonstrating the basic recorder techniques.

DVDs of Animated Cartoon, Opera, Ballet, etc.

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