One-Stop Interactive Teaching Materials

A flexible, lively and effective platform for teaching, which includes E-books, singing demonstrations, audio-visual materials, etc.

The One-Stop Interactive Teaching Materials include the following:


The digital versions of our textbooks cover the necessary teaching materials and boosts efficiency of teaching.

Singing Demonstrations & Accompaniments of the Songs

Quality demonstrations assist students in grasping singing techniques and understanding musical styles. By singing along with the accompaniments in the original styles, students can arouse their interests in singing.


Music files for appreciation.

MagicComposer Files

MagicComposer files of songs, score examples, composing courses and exercises for teaching purposes.


By watching the videos which describe the contents of the textbooks, learning becomes joyful.

Interactive Music Theory

Multimedia teaching makes learning theories easier and in a relaxed way.

Interactive Games

Students learn through computer games and consolidate musical knowledge.

The Great Composers

Brief descriptions of great composers and their celebrated works.

The Musical Instruments

The video introduces the structures and music excerpts of Chinese and Western instruments.

Sound Project

Project the interface of Sound Project on screen for students to create and finish exercises.

Introduction, Games and Accompaniments of Recorder and Melodica

Fun learning when playing the recorder or melodica with the accompaniments.

Scheme of Work

Editable and printable scheme of work for teachers


Assess students’ musical knowledge through worksheets.

Assessment Forms & etc.

Editable and printable teaching materials.

Additional Resources

Pronunciation of lyrics, keyboard, Sound dictionary of music, etc.

If you would like to request for sample books, please contact us.